red plus blue equals purple (diva_sama) wrote,
red plus blue equals purple

MEME.. again

secret meme answers, from arsenfreya:

1. arissafbrgs and kisame_widi
2. eh... none in this LJ XD
3. none
4. pelagica!! definitely!
5. asazuki_satoka and arissafbrgs
6. reguretto
7. kisame_widi and der_schnix
8. asazuki_satoka and sacchii :D
9. arsenfreya, zh3y, mystic_guy
10. hmm... popoococo
11. arissafbrgs!! HAHAHAHA
12. reguretto
13. reguretto XD
14. akirasama
15. der_schnix
16. popoococo
17. zh3y HAHAHAHA. and asazuki_satoka
18. dunno...
19. infi_inficio, dive2blue
20. kisame_widi
21. euh... no comment
22. same as above
23. none
24. arsenfreya
25. ... BWAHAHAHHAHAA. kisame_widi and reguretto
26. eh.... dunno -.-
27. popoococo
28. BOWIE! :DD
29. eh.. this is seriously a hard question. um.. Bram or Bernie. eeeeh?? O___O
30. DONE! yay! :D the answers are all just for fun, and no bad intentions! sorry if you feel offended -__-

Tags: meme, random
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